A Guide to Sterling Silver Jewelry, How to Care For It, and More!

Let's talk sterling silver.

We make all of our jewelry in gold fill and sterling silver!

Sterling silver jewelry

I'm sure you've visited stores (maybe even ours!) and seen sterling silver jewelry. Back in the day, I didn't understand why sterling silver was priced higher than the "regular" silver earrings at Claire's (yes, we're talking *that* far back). I only learned what makes sterling silver special a few months ago!

So, what exactly is sterling silver? Let's break it down.

Remember: 92.5% is the magic number

Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and the remaining 7.5% are mixed metals. These metals are crucial though—they make silver more durable to withstand daily wear and tear. The 92.5% silver content is also why this metal is nicknamed "925 silver" or marked with a 925 stamp.

A note on fine silver

Fine silver is a thing—this type is 99.9% pure silver. However, fine silver is not nearly as durable as sterling silver because of how soft the silver element is.

Silver tarnishes, but it's nothing to fear

Have you noticed that your sterling silver tarnishes over time? This is totally natural. Tarnishing naturally occurs when silver is exposed to oxygen. With time, you may notice that your jewelry appears darker in color. There are ways to slow the tarnishing process (more on that later)!

Side note: Tarnished sterling silver does not turn your skin green! Low-quality silver jewelry may turn your skin green because they are plated.

Everyday silver jewelry

Caring for your sterling silver jewelry

You can keep your sterling silver jewelry sparkling with a few easy care tips. Here's how:

  • The oils in your skin naturally condition sterling silver, keeping it shiny and slowing the tarnishing process
  • When you're not wearing your sterling silver jewelry, store it in an airtight container.
  • As the metal slowly tarnishes with time, you can bring sterling silver back to its original luster. Simply use a polishing cloth, paste, or liquid to shine it back up
  • Sterling silver is 100% waterproof—it's safe to get wet and won't turn your skin green

So, do you wear sterling silver jewelry? As always, we're here to answer any questions you have. Let me know by leaving a comment!

xo, Annette

P.S. If you want to treat yourself today, here are some of our favorite silver pieces to get you started!

Sterling silver jewelry

Left: Paper Clip Chain Necklace; Right: Storm Cloud Huggie Hoops

Sterling silver ring and earringsLeft: Aquamarine Ring; Right: Pearl Dangle Earrings

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