Business FAQs

If you're a business owner and have some questions for us this page might help! If you'd like to pick my brain about anything and everything business send me an email at and I'll send over pricing.




  • Rio Grande - wholesale and retail
  • CGM (must have a sellers permit) - wholesale only aka high quantity purchases
  • Etsy - great for stones and small quantity purchases
  • Gemshows - find wholesale prices and build relationships with suppliers



  • Small Business Podcast
  • Small Business Membership (affiliate link)
  • Etsy is a great first place to find supplies especially from small businesses. The supply sellers are often resellers so use Google to search for the wholesaler they buy supplies from.
  • Searching for the right supplier is always hit or miss. It takes time and money. 
  • Always read the full description and reviews! Seems basic, but it's necessary

Tiktok Tips

  • Good lighting is a must: just use a window and natural lighting
  • Define a niche, but create videos on a variety of subtopics - ex. packing an order, using your product...
  • Describe how your product is different from your competitors. Why do you stand out?
  • Use relevant hashtags and trends - ex. how bizarre trend 
  • Quality over quantity - you don't need to post everyday
  • Give yourself a break and realize that you never see the whole story on social media. Building a brand takes time and you won't see success right away. Small businesses are a labor of love not a cash cow.


  • Google is your best friend. Use it for everything.
  • Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration. I look through a lot of art and plants. 
  • Inspiration is VERY different from copying. 
  • When just starting use Etsy as your host. This will reduce your costs and provide you with a good platform to develop skills and find a niche. Selling your products through instagram is sketchy and the buyer is completely liable resulting in you missing out on sales.
  • Running a small business isn't easy. You're unlikely to receive instant success and it's going to be really hard most of the time, but it's so worth it. We all go through the same things so you'll never be alone. Developing a network of other business owners that will support you is essential to making it through all the hard times. Don't be afraid to reach out and say hi!
  • It's okay to ask for help when you need it!