Let's Chat Layering!

Needs some ideas for your necklace layer or ring stack? Scroll for some of our favorite combinations.



If you're new to layering necklaces let's start simple. When layering we like to choose one necklace that creates more of a "V" shape and one that is more of an "O".

Drawn Chain + Disc Necklace


Continuing with the "O" and "V" pairing try adding a little bit of color. We recommend layering necklaces about two inches. Here we 16-18 inch necklace lengths.

Pearl Classic + Disc Necklace


Toss all of the necklaces together to add contrasting textures with the different chains and a pop of color.

Drawn Chain, Turquoise Classic, + Disc Necklace


Now you don't have to stick with the two inch suggestion. Often wearing long and short necklace look really beautiful together.

Peridot Mist + Moonstone Moon Necklace


Here you can see one necklace resting at about 16 inches and the other around 20 inches. You could add a third necklace to the middle of this if you wanted to.

Pearl Mist + Disc Necklace


Mixing stones and colors is always fun, but it's also nice to keep it matchy sometimes.

Moonstone Mist + Moonstone Stardust Lariat Necklace

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We like to call this style of ring stacking "the sandwich." Think: the same rings on the outside (the bread) and a different ring in the middle (the filling).

Venus + Moonstone Ring


You can play around with different shapes and thicknessess of your rings. Maybe even try mixing your metals! Make your middle ring a different metal.

Nova + Aurora Ring


We also love mixing textures. Adding in a hammered ring randomly throughout your stack adds a little sparkle to it.

Hammered, Classic, + Moonstone Ring


Keep it simple by stacking a ring with one of a different texture. This adds some interest to your stack without making it too bulky.

Moonstone + Hammered Ring


Stacking two rings that mimic the shape of each other makes a perfect stack. You could even sandwich this stack.

Horizon + Mushroom Ring


Play with color, texture, and shape with this stack. The horizon rings is a very versitile ring. Click the link below to see other stacking ideas.

Video | Horizon, Aquamarine, Monstera Band

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