Leap Girl Africa

Leap Girl Africa was started in 2016 by Pertulla Ezigha with the hope to end gender-based violence in Cameroon. Their mission is to "scrape-off gender-based violence and promoting education by inspiring girls/women to aspire and create positive change." They create programs and projects to help individuals recover from past trauma and pain and provide skills for economic development through training programs.

Leap Girl Africa also focuses on non-victims by providing sensitization and awareness campaigns to empower them and educate them on their rights.

Programs have included mentorships to develop entrepreneurial skills and become economically independent, programs to educate women and men on how to prevent and respond to sexual and gender based violence in the communities, and fireside chats to debunk gender role myths that lead to violence.

Miranda met Pertulla in 2018 where she learned about Pertulla's mission to empower women through Leap Girl Africa. 

And Arlen believes in the empowerment of women and ending gender-based violence everywhere, so we are partnering with Leap Girl Africa. We donate 15% of our retail profits to help fund their programs and projects.

Read more about Pertulla and the work she does here.

Photo courtesy of Leap Girl Africa