Designing the Engagement Collection

Engagement ring designs

Have you ever wondered how engagement rings are made?

Fine jewelry and engagement rings are an entirely new world to us! Molly and Miranda put their heads together and worked through a lot of concept sketches, samples, and Pinterest searching to develop our new collection.

When designing the Engagement Collection, we wanted to create:

  • High quality yet affordable fine jewelry pieces
  • Minimalist and classic engagement rings that you'll love to wear day in and day out
  • Rings that work for both partners
  • Wedding bands that complements your engagement ring

We hope this collection feels like a natural extension of the And Arlen world for you. These rings mean so much to us and we can't wait for them to become a part of your lives.

Remember to mark your calendars for the collection drop on October 22nd.

xo, Annette

Engagement ring designs

Above: The Sloane Ring, from concept sketches to final product.

Below: The Engagement Ring Collection family.

Engagement rings

How to choose your engagement ring

P.S. We made an Engagement Ring Design Template to help you narrow down what you want (and don't want) in your ring.

Fill it out with your partner as a fun date night!

Get designing!

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