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And Arlen began as Studio 15 Jewelry on Etsy in 2013. Now, ten years later, I've been full time for almost three years and have the most wonderful team of five and a brick and mortar shop in Seattle.

Over the years this wonderful hobby has morphed into a business that we've designed to be so much more than just jewelry. Our goal is to create a business that isn't here to just make another dollar but to be one that betters its community. We've been able to support wonderful organizations like Northwest Community Bail Fund, the Bridge Alliance and many other organizations making a difference in this world.

Recently, we've been focusing on how to structure and design the business to benefit our team. Each of our team members plays an equally important role in this businesses so we should all be compensated as such. Everyone is paid $36/hr, recieves 401K contributions, medical and dental insurance, ample paid time off, and (maybe most importantly) is treated like a person that has needs and a life outside of work.

Thank you for being here. Your support makes such a big difference in our lives.

xo Miranda

Our Values


Our packaging is plastic free and is reusable, recyclable, or compostable. We make our jewelry with durability in mind and are always happy to repair your jewelry to decrease waste. Our rings are made from recycled metals and we are continuing to grow our recycled metal collection.

We do want to note that we are in no way the most sustainable business out there. The mining of gemstones and metals is not kind on the Earth, like pretty much everything else us humans do. We are always searching for more sustainable options for our business.


We strive to carry a wide variety of sizes and price points so everyone can be apart of the And Arlen story. Need a different size? We can make it!

We're always wanting to grow and be a better business so if you need a size that's not on our website, let us know. We'll add it permanently so you never have to ask again.


We want you to know anything and everything about our jewelry and business. We don't shy away from answering any questions whether it's about how our jewelry is made, our business practices, or our stance on human rights and political issues.

We share our business financials monthly on Instagram and provide an end of the year financial overview so you'll always know exactly where your money is going when you support us.

Thank You

Your purchase directly impacts our community and team.

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