Jewelry Care

Keep your jewelry in tip top shape. Whether you prefer gold fill, sterling silver, solid gold or everything it's easy to care for our jewelry.

Gold Fill

  • Durable: At the core of gold fill is high quality jewelers’ brass which is then coated in at least 5% 14K gold that will never rub or flake off.
  • Hypoallergenic: Because gold fill does not use any nickel it is hypoallergenic and a great affordable option for those sensitive to metals.
  • Slow/non-tarnish: Gold in general is a great metal because it is extremely slow to tarnish and when it does it’s easily cleaned.
  • Waterproof: you can wear your gold fill jewelry in the shower or ocean without worrying about it turning your skin green! As long as your jewelry never comes into contact with chemicals (like those put in pools) it will stay picture perfect.

Jewelry Care

  • It’s always a good idea to rinse off your jewelry if you wear it in the ocean to clean any residual salt off.
  • If your gold jewelry begins to dull/tarnished use warm water, dish soap, and a toothbrush to clean and shine it.
  • Never subject any jewelry to harsh chemicals found in pools, cleaning products, and some personal hygiene products. This can discolor and strip the jewelry leaving a darkened appearance.

Sterling Silver

  • Make up: Sterling silver is about 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, brass, or sometimes nickel.
  • Allergenic: Sterling silver can sometimes have trace amounts of nickel and is not a good option if you are sensitive to certain metals like nickel.
  • Tarnishes: Because sterling silver is an alloy it tends to tarnish. This means the silver will go from bright and shiny to a darker silver color. It will never rub off on your skin or turn it green.
  • Waterproof: Like gold fill sterling silver is waterproof and not harmed by fresh and usually saltwater. Always allow your jewelry to fully dry before putting it in an airtight container.

Jewelry care tips

  • To slow the tarnishing process, keep your jewelry in a baggie or other airtight container when not wearing it.
  • Use a polishing to carefully rub your jewelry to bring back some of its shine if it has tarnished.

Good Care Practices

  • To keep your jewelry lasting years, refrain from wearing it to bed, the gym, or during sport activities.
  • Though our jewelry is waterproof the less water it is exposed to the longer it will last.
  • Keep all jewelry away from chemicals as this may discolor them
  • If your jewelry ever breaks let us know and we will happily fix it for you!

Stone Care

  • Most stones are okay in water. Turquoise and Natural Opal are porous and should not be subject to any liquids. This includes perfume so they should be the last thing you put on and first thing you take off at the end of the day.
  • The opals we carry are synthetic making them waterproof! Wear them all day every day without their color changing.
  • If you start to notice darkness around the hole of a stone this is skin cells that have built up and collected dirt. Use a toothbrush and water to carefully clean your jewelry.