Forever Jewelry

permanent bracelets, necklaces, and anklets custom made just for you

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Our forever jewelry pop-ups allow you to design your own piece of jewelry by selecting chain and gemstone charms. They will then be welded together creating a beautiful seamless piece of jewelry you can wear every day for years! Permanent jewelry is a fun way to celebrate a milestone, get matching best friend or partner jewelry, or treat yo’ self!

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Convinced you need some of our jewelry already? Come visit us at our shop in West Seattle!

Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 4pm

4130 California Ave SW Suite A Seattle WA 98116

We will be closed Dec. 10th (we'll be at Renegade) and Dec. 22 to Jan. 2

No appointment is needed, but if you'd like to you can book an appointment by clicking here

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Our Pop Up Schedule

If West Seattle is too far for you don't worry! We do pop-ups around town too. Below is our schedule. No appointment is necessary - it's all first come first serve.

December 4th ~ 11am to 3pm ~ bodySTRONG

December 9th ~ 6 to 9pm ~ Stocklist Goods (Tacoma)

December 10th & 11th ~ 11a to 5p ~ Renegade

December 18th ~ 10a to 4p ~ Maker Magic

Chain Options

Available in 14K yellow + white gold

Gemstone Options

How does it work?

You’ll select the chain and any gemstones you want for your bracelet, necklace, or anklet

We’ll measure it so that it fits exactly how you want it

We use a tiny welder to weld the jewelry together so that it’s one endless piece

Host your own Forever Jewelry pop up!

Are you a business in the greater Seattle area? We'd love to partner up and come to you for a pop up event! Let's support each other! Send us an email at and let's get planning.


Nope! The welder we use is painless and heat free. The welder will never touch your skin, but in the off change it does it won’t hurt you since it only works on metal. You’ll see a flash of light and then it’s over.

When you’re finished with your jewelry just use some scissors to cut it at the weld. We offer a recycling program where you can receive a discount on your next piece if you return the old one too us. Below are our current recycling discounts based on the chain you selected.

Yes! Your jewelry is waterproof so you can wear it 24/7. If you hop in the pool or ocean be sure to give your jewelry a good rinse in soapy water afterwards.

Yes! TSA allows you to leave on all jewelry

We have three options for you!

Solid 14K gold - this is the classic option for permanent jewelry. The gold will last a lifetime and longer! Solid gold is waterproof, tarnish resistant, and won't turn skin green. We offer our cable, flora, and drawn chain in solid gold.

Gold fill - a more economical choice while still lasting our gold fill chain will stay gold for 5-10 years and then will slowly fade. It's still waterproof, tarnish resistant, and won't turn your skin green. We offer our chunkier sparkle chain and curb chain in gold fill.

Sterling Silver - for all you silver lovers out there we had to include you! Our sterling silver chain is economical and sparkly. Like all sterling silver it does tarnish over time (darken), but is waterproof and won't turn skin green. We offer our cable, flora, drawn, sparkle, and curb chain in sterling silver.

We offer our jewelry in sterling silver, 14K solid gold, or 14K gold fill. We have a wide variety of chains and gemstone charms for you to choose from. Each piece of jewelry can take a maximum of three charms. See our current offerings and prices above.

We make permanent bracelets, permanent anklets, and permanent necklaces.

Yes and no - we partner with local small business to do pop ups around the greater seattle area. If you're a small business or you have one you want us to do a pop-up at send us an email to

We no longer do private parties at homes.

Yes! If you purchase three or more pieces of jewelry for yourself, we offer a 15% discount. Stack away!

Though rare if your jewelry breaks, we offer a 1 year free repair policy. Bring your piece in and we will re-weld it for you. Repairs after a year are subject to a fee. If you lose your piece of jewelry you will need to replace it at the full price.

Years! It depends on the chain you chose and your lifestyle, but our jewelry can last a lifetime.

Nope, our jewelry is nickel free and hypoallergenic.

Maybe, feel free to reach out to us to make sure we have your desired chain in stock. We’re happy to do custom orders if you don’t see a chain you love.

Whether you're wanting to refresh you forever jewelry or you're done with it come recycle it with us!

Bring back your jewelry for a forever jewelry credit.

14K Gold: bracelets: $20, anklets: $30, necklaces: $40

Sterling Silver: bracelets: $5, anklets: $7, necklaces: $10