Let's Talk Business: A Note From Miranda

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Hey, it's me, Miranda!

I’ve been chatting with a lot of my friends who also own small businesses and I’m hearing exactly what I don’t want to hear: “We’re a bad month or two away from closing.” “I don’t know how I’ll make payroll this month.” “I won’t be renewing my lease and am probably going to close.” It’s devastating every time.

I know firsthand how hard the past couple of years have been for all of us. We made it through COVID, but can’t make it through this?! Whatever this is.

I’m spending less and I know a lot of you are too. Those fun, spur-of-the-moment, treat-yourself purchases have decreased. And oftentimes, those little buys were at small businesses.

With what I am spending, I’ve been careful and purposeful with my dollars. Whenever possible, I choose to support someone in my community so that I know exactly where my money is going and that it’s going to support something good.

So, here’s my question for you:

When you’re at Target next and hunting for a new candle, what if you purchased one from Linda of Lulumiere?

When you’re scrolling Mejuri for a new pair of everyday hoops, what if you purchased our Simple Hoops?

When you’re at CVS trying to decide which cheap plastic clip to get, what if you purchased a funky one from Tiffany of Chunks instead?

When you need new socks, instead of getting them from Gap how about some fun striped ones from Lana at Hoste?

The next time you need a gift, what if you went to a local gift shop? Or a fun specialty foods store instead of leaning on those ever-convenient big box retailers?

Here's why I'm asking you this: Small businesses carry community. We donate more, we care more, and we are better than corporations. We may not be the easy choice, but we’ll love you forever if you choose us.

On similar note, we're starting a reoccurring giveaway! Each month, we'll feature a small business that we love in hopes that you'll also fall in love with them. At the end of each month, anyone who has placed an order with us will be automatically entered to win a $50 gift card to the featured small business. This month's featured small business is Lulumiere—learn more about them here!


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