Meet June's Birthstone: Pearls

June is here, friend!


It's time to celebrate the people in your life born in June. And what better way to do it than with birthstones?!

Birthstones date back to the 5th century when it was believed that wearing the month's stone during its corresponding month gave the wearer therapeutic benefits. Unsurprisingly, birthstones remain popular today! (Pro tip: Birthstone jewelry makes a perfect gift.)

Without further ado, some facts about June's birthstone, the pearl.

June birthstone: Pearls

Meaning and Symbolism

Beauty, love, purity, and success

What they are

Pearls are one of the few gems that are not mined—these beautiful stones are instead grown inside mollusks like oysters or clams and can come from salt or freshwater environments. Though pearls are usually white or cream, they can be found in a range of colors like pink, purple, or blue. These beautiful gems have long been considered classics and are still loved in jewelry today!

We source freshwater pearls for our jewelry (permanent jewelry included!). These have a beautiful shine that doesn't dull over time.

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xo, Annette

Some of my favorite pearl pieces…

Classic pearl jewelry

Left: Pearl Classic Necklace; Right: Pearl Dangle Earrings

Classic pearl jewelry

Left: Pearl Paper Clip Chain Necklace; Right: Pearl Luna Earrings

Jewelry inspiration

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