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Layering necklaces

Let's talk necklace lengths.

Some people prefer long necklaces. Others prefer the choker look. All this to say, necklace lengths are highly personal! 
Here are four reasons why the length of your necklaces are important:
  • Everyone has a different neck size! A 14-inch necklace may be a choker on one person and won't fit the next person.
  • Different lengths make it easy to layer multiple pieces — different lengths allow the pieces to lay flat without interfering with each other or getting tangled.
  • Upgrade your outfit by choosing a necklace that complements what you're wearing. I love pairing the 12 - 14-inch stardust necklace with a crewneck sweater or wearing the pearl lariat necklace with a
    lower neckline!
  • Comfort is key if you plan on wearing the piece every day — If a necklace is too tight, you won't wear it. Same if it's too long! Finding a size that suits you is essential.
Ready to find your perfect necklace length? We offer all our necklaces in four lengths: 14 - 16 inches, 16 - 18 inches, 20 - 22 inches, and 24 - 26 inches.
Check out the size charts below to see how necklace sizes fit people differently! The 14 - 16 inch necklace is looser in the first image and tighter in the second. 
Initial necklace sizes
Initial necklaces

When shopping online, you can try the necklace lengths on at home by grabbing a piece of string and a ruler. Using the ruler, measure the necklace size using the string. Hold the string up to your neck so you can see how the length will look on you.

Nearly all of our necklaces are adjustable by a few inches. The pearl paper clip necklace from the Spring Collection is one of the few that cannot be adjusted. Peek at the size charts below for the paper clip chain necklace — the 14-inch necklace fits the model on the left as a choker, and the 16-inch necklace is a choker for the model on the left. 
Paper clip chain necklace lengths

What necklace length is your favorite? Comment below to share how you like to wear your necklaces! And, as always, let us know if you have any questions.

xo, Annette
P.S. We have more jewelry sizing info over here for you!

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