October Birthstones: Opal and Pink Tourmaline

Above: Pink Tourmaline Birthstone Ring (October) - 14k Solid Gold worn with the Moissanite Birthstone Ring (April) - 14k Solid Gold

It's official: Libra season is here.

In other words, fall is officially here! Kick off the season with October's birthstones—learn more about pink tourmaline and opals below.

xo, Annette

October Birthstones

Pink Tourmaline

Meaning and Symbolism: Love, compassion, gentleness.

What they are:

Tourmaline comes in a range of colors and each is believed to have unique healing properties. Generally, this stone comes from Brazil, but tourmaline has also been mined across other continents. Pink tourmaline may contain different shades of pink and sometimes other colors. "Watermelon tourmaline" is a great example, where green and pink both appear in the same stone.

Opal stud earrings


Meaning and Symbolism: Hope, purity, truth.

What they are:

The best way to understand the popularity of this precious stone is to see one for yourself—simply turning the stone at different angles shows off the many color variations in opals, aka its "play-of-color" effect. Typically, the more even and obvious the play-of-color, the more precious the stone.

Not only are they connected to the month of October but they also are representative of 14th wedding anniversaries.

Shop October birthstone jewelry below

October birthstone jewelry

Left: Pink Tourmaline Birthstone Ring (October) - 14k Solid Gold; Right: Opal Gemstone Ring

 Birthstone necklace

Left: Birthstone Necklace; Right: October Birthstone Charm

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