Affordable Fine Jewelry Exists (Yes, Really!)


14k Solid Gold Jewelry for Everyday | And Arlen

Discover our 14k Solid Gold Capsule Collection, perfect for daily wear, year after year.

No one is getting rich on our team. We're ALL on a budget, even the business is on a budget! So, needless to say that none of us are splurging on Mejuri or luxury jewelry hauls.

That's why we created our own collection of 14k solid gold jewelry. We wanted pieces that are durable, beautiful, and timeless. But, we also wanted pieces that are more budget-friendly than other retailers.

Remember, solid gold jewelry will literally last your lifetime without fading or tarnishing! Once you buy the piece, you technically never need to buy a necklace, ring, bracelet, or earring set ever again (in theory, ofc 😘).

Fine Gold Jewelry For Everyday | And Arlen
Affordable Fine Jewelry for Everyday | And Arlen

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