Do This Before Buying Solid Gold Jewelry

Solid yellow gold necklaces for layering

Our number one tip when it comes to buying solid gold jewelry is to WAIT. Here's what we mean:

  • Buy the piece in gold fill first! Wear it, wear it, wear it to make sure you love it
  • Once you're sure the piece is something you will love and wear for years to come, THEN make the leap. Purchase your solid gold piece from a jeweler you trust!

We recognize that not everyone has the budget for solid gold jewelry. With this method, we hope that it gives you the confidence to invest in a piece that will last you a lifetime. Plus, once you pay for your solid gold jewelry, there's really no need to buy anything else—ultimately, you're saving the money that would have been spent on cheap, less durable pieces in the future!

xo, Annette


~Pro Tip~ Miranda (our owner!) talked about this on TikTok! Plus, glimpse our solid gold Everyday Pearl Hoops. Watch the video here >>>

Solid gold jewelry for everyday

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