August Birthstone: Peridot

August birthstone jewelry

Another month, another birthstone! Celebrate August birthdays with peridot.

It's time to celebrate the people in your life born in August. And what better way to do it than with birthstones?!

Birthstones date back to the 5th century when it was believed that wearing the month's stone during its corresponding month gave the wearer therapeutic benefits. Unsurprisingly, birthstones remain popular today! (Pro tip: Birthstone jewelry makes a perfect gift)

To kick off the month, here are some facts about August's birthstone, peridot.


August birthstone: Peridot

Meaning and Symbolism

Prosperity, good fortune, purpose, and focus.

What they are

Known for its yellow-green color, peridot is a bit of a paradox. Though it has a light, delicate look, this stone comes from conditions that are anything but delicate—think: hardened lava deep beneath the Earth's surface and from meteorites in outer space.

Historians trace peridot's importance back to ancient cultures. What's more, is that some believe Cleopatra's legendary emerald collection was actually peridot and simply mislabeled. The stone was incorporated into religious jewelry and churches and used as a talisman as protection from spirits and bad dreams.

So, of course, we have to incorporate these stones into our own collection! Check out our Mist Bracelets or Birthstone Necklaces. If you're in the Seattle area, stop by our store or one of our August pop-ups to peridot to your forever jewelry!

Shop peridot jewelry below 🌿

Birthstone jewelry for August

Left: Peridot Studs; Right: Peridot Ring

August birthstone jewelry

Left: Peridot Mist Necklace; Right: Peridot Mist Anklet

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