Bridal Jewelry

Simple bridal jewelryFrom pearls and something blue to diamonds and custom pieces, here's the best bridal jewelry.

Wedding season is in full swing! Whether you're getting married this year and looking for some last-minute sparkle, or get married a year from now, here are some of our favorite jewelry pieces for brides.

We're honored to be included in your special day! Drop us a note on Instagram or in the detail section of your next online order—we love hearing your stories. 💐

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Always classic, pearls are a favorite choice for brides. Symbolizing beauty and love, we love pearls because they pair with everything.

Our jewelry uses only sustainably-sourced, freshwater pearls which have beautiful shine that doesn't dull over time.

Bridal jewelry

Left: Pearl Dangle Earrings; Right: Orion Lariat Necklace; Below: Pearl Classic Necklace

Pearl classic necklace

Something blue

Something new, something borrowed, something blue. Opt for a minimalist gemstone bracelet or necklace to incorporate "something blue" into your wedding day look. 

Aquamarine is a light blue stone that is the perfect touch of color for brides who prefer neutrals. Blue sapphire, kyanite, blue quartz, and turquoise are bolder options if you want your "something blue" to really pop.

Something blue wedding jewelry


Left: Kyanite Threader Earrings; Right: Aquamarine Mist Necklace


We can't talk bridal jewelry without talking about diamonds. Always elegant, this popular stone can be beautifully incorporated into any bridal look. Diamond rings or earrings are the perfect pairing. Or, opt for Herkimer diamonds to get the same sparkle at a budget-friendly price.

Simple diamond bracelet

Above: Herkimer Diamond Classic Bracelet

Below, left: Diamond Marquis Ring, Right: Herkimer Diamond Threader Earrings

Simple diamond jewelry

Custom pieces

Weddings and engagements are the perfect opportunity to get a piece that captures the beauty of your relationship. We'd love to work with you to design your custom engagement rings, wedding bands, and any other pieces for your special day!

Start by filling out the custom order form on our website or by emailing us with some details about what you'd like made.

Custom Jewelry Order Form

Custom jewelry

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