Did you hear? We launched the Pride Rings Collection

Customized Pride flag rings

Did you catch our new product launch in May?

We are so excited about our new Pride Rings. Handmade using gold fill or sterling silver, each ring had been thoughtfully designed to celebrate you!

No matter the ring you choose, we're offering a special payment model throughout June 2023. Our goal is to make this special collection to be accessible to everyone! Here's how it works:

  • Pay the full retail price of $140 to cover the cost of making this ring plus other admin costs and saving for growth
  • If you cannot pay the full price, pay $100 to solely cover the cost of making this ring
  • No matter which price you can afford we will be donating $20 to a LGBTQ+ organization that supports its community
  • On July 1st, the ring will only be available for the full retail price ($140). 

Rainbow Pride Ring

Rock all the colors of the LGBTQ+ flag with this stunning ring! Featuring red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, and dark purple cubic zirconia to represent the rainbow flag, the Rainbow Pride Ring is striking, timeless, and perfect for everyday wear.

Bisexual Pride Ring

Our Bisexual Pride Flag ring features five cubic zirconia—two different dark pinks, a light purple, and dark blues—and we love how it turned out!
Pride rings

Left: Genderqueer Pride Ring; Right: Pansexual Pride Ring

Genderqueer Pride Ring

The Genderqueer flag is beautifully captured in this Pride ring. Using purple, white, and green cubic zirconia stones, the Genderqueer ring is gorgeous.

Pansexual Pride Ring

The colors of the Pansexual Pride Ring are STUNNING. We recreate this colorful flag with five cubic zirconia stones—dark pink, yellow, and light blue.

Pride rings

Don't see your flag? Make your own pride ring to represent your unique colors! Select up to seven stones and a gold fill or sterling silver band.

Make your Pride Ring

Wait! The goodness doesn't end there. Shop more items from our Pride Collection on our website. 🏳️‍🌈



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