Graduation Gift Guide

Jewelry gifts for graduates

Can you believe that it's that time of year already?! Whether you're the grad or you're celebrating someone else, this guide will help you find the best gifts for graduates.


Initial jewelry

Initial Signet Ring

This delicate ring is a bestseller for a reason! Customize this delicate ring with your graduate's initial for a heartfelt gift.

Initial Disc Necklace

Customizable, classic, and perfect for layering—this necklace is a great graduation gift for everyone!

Pearl jewelry

Left: pearl classic necklace; Right: pearl classic bracelet

Pearl Classic Necklace

A fan-favorite, the pearl classic necklace is just that—classic.

Pearl Classic Bracelet

Celebrate your graduate with this classic bracelet. The simple design makes it easy to wear with anything!

 Gemstone jewelry

Left: aquamarine ring; Right: birthstone necklace

Aquamarine Ring

We use a variety of gems to make our simple gemstone rings! Choose one in your graduate's school colors to make this a special keepsake gift.

Birthstone Necklace

This simple necklace can be customized with your graduate's birthstone. Or, opt for a stone that represents their grad month!

Want more ideas? Head here to shop more of our bestsellers!

xo, Annette

P.S. We also sell gift cards (which, unofficially, have a 100% success rate 😜).

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