How to Shop For Bridesmaids Jewelery

Bridesmaids jewelry

Wedding season is so exciting! And jewelry is a fantastic way to celebrate and thank your bridesmaids for being a part of your special day. It can also be a great way to create cohesion among your bridal party’s different looks, especially if each person has their own dress.

Whether you’re looking for jewelry to give as a thank you gift or for your bridal party’s wedding day outfits, here are some tips for picking out bridesmaids jewelry sets for your wedding!


Think about your wedding’s color palette to guide your choice—are you opting for blues? Maybe you’re choosing a pale pink, terracotta, or black-and-white palette. No matter the vibe, look for gemstone jewelry that blends with your wedding colors.

Silver or gold?

If this is a thank you gift for your bridesmaids, think about what metal type they wear most often. Not sure? Notice what jewelry they’re wearing the next time you see them! If that’s not an option, we recommend gold fill (our customers generally buy more gold jewelry than sterling silver).

Single piece? Or a full set?

Depending on your wedding budget and what the jewelry is for, you’ll need to decide whether you’re giving your bridesmaids a full set of jewelry or a single piece. You can sometimes find bridesmaid jewelry sets online however, these don’t offer much room for customization.

Build your own jewelry set by selecting pieces that work together! Here are some jewelry collection ideas to help you customize your set:

If you’re leaning towards a single piece, pendant necklaces or a gemstone bracelet are great options because they are easier to guess the size of. Rings with gemstones or initials are also wonderful options. However, make sure to find out your bridesmaids’ ring sizes before purchasing. 

Seek out your local jewelry store

Stop by your local jewelry store if you want some extra guidance on what to buy. Often, they can direct you to pieces that fit the feel of your wedding while also matching your bridesmaids’ personalities!

If you have some custom pieces in mind, reach out to us through Instagram or by email. We'd love to help your bring your wedding vision to life!

xo, Annette

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