Ring Sizes 101

Let's talk ring sizes. 

How to find your ring size

Full disclaimer: I had no idea what my ring size was until I joined the team here. Instead, trial and error was my go-to method for ring shopping. Would I recommend that now? Not exactly. Knowing your ring size can be so helpful, especially when shopping for jewelry online! It ensures your order fits perfectly every time. 

There are three ways to find your ring size.

Option 1 (most accurate)

If you have a ring you already love, grab it and your ruler. Measure the inside diameter to find your ring size. Another option is to use the Ring Sizer app.

Option 2 (most accurate)

Visit your local jeweler to get your finger sized. Or use our $3 ring sizer to size your finger.

Option 3 (less accurate)

To find your size, you'll need a piece of string or thread and a measuring tape. Then...

  • Wrap the string around your finger and mark where the string overlaps
  • Remove the string from your finger. Using a measuring tape or ruler, measure how long the string is from the end to the spot you've marked. This is the circumference of your finger
  • Using the chart below, find the US ring size that matches the circumference you measured
  • Note: The string should not be too tight or too loose when measuring your ring size, otherwise the size will not be accurate


Now you're ready to ring shop! To get you started, here are some of my favorite rings.

Minimalist rings

Left: River Ring; Right: Super Nova Fidget Ring

Minimalist gold jewelry

Left: Initial Disc Ring; Right: Aquamarine Ring

As always, drop any questions in the comments. We love hearing from you! 💛

xo, Annette

P.S. Want more info on jewelry sizing? Check out our guide to necklace lengths here.

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