2023 Spring Collection Best Sellers

We launched the 2023 Spring Collection on April 15th, and you all have been loving it! We've rounded up the spring collection best sellers below for you — as always, don't be shy about treating yourself!

Initial signet rings

Delicate and classic, there's a reason why the initial signet ring is a bestseller. Customize this sweet ring with your or a loved one's initial!

Gemstone stud earrings

Gemstone studs never go out of style. Nine gemstones are available — choose your birthstone, favorite color, or whatever speaks to you!
Spring Collection Best Sellers
Left: River Ring; Right: Initial Disc Necklace with the Cable Chain
We're not surprised this unique piece made the bestseller list. Add it to your daily ring stack to dress up your look!

Customize this simple necklace with your initial, dog's initial, or a loved one's initial! Oh, and did we mention that this is perfect for gifting?

Pearl Dangle Earrings

Pearl Dangle Earrings

A party for your ears — at least that's what these sweet dangle earrings are! These are a fun twist on a classic look.

And because we can't get enough of the spring collection, we had to call out these favorites as well...

Spring Collection Best Sellers

Left: Storm Cloud Huggie Hoops; Right: Pearl Paper Clip Chain Necklace

Storm Cloud Huggie Hoops

These storm cloud huggie hoops have our PNW-hearts. Of course, these make a fun gift for yourself or a loved one, no matter where you live!

Pearl Paper Clip Chain Necklace

Statement-y, but not too much. This is a great piece to wear by itself or paired with something simple like the initial disc necklace


What do you think? Did your favorite make the list? Let us know in the comments <3. 


Annette + the And Arlen team

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