The 14k Solid Gold Capsule Collection is here

14k gold rings

Above: Miranda wears Birthstone Rings in Pink Tourmaline, Citrine, Garnet, and Amethyst

It's here: 14k Solid Gold Capsule Collection✨

We're thrilled to launch the 14k Solid Gold Capsule Collection!

Inspired by the durability and timelessness of 14-karat gold, this brand-new collection was designed with daily wear in mind. You'll find a range of simple bracelets and necklaces, birthstone rings, and earrings that are classic and easy to wear.

Each piece is made by hand in our Seattle studio. What's more, everything is waterproof and hypoallergenic.

The 14k Solid Gold Capsule Collection can now be shopped on our website.

As always, we're here to answer any questions.

xo, Annette

Gold wedding and engagement rings
Birthstone Rings - 14k Solid Gold
Everyday gold jewelry
Left, from the top: Tanzanite, Moissanite, and Blue Sapphire Birthstone Rings; Right: Drawn Necklace and Pearl Charm, and the Cable Necklace

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