I'm guessing you've come over from the podcast on TikTok we did with Making Good (if not listen to it here). Below are a couple more notes/suggestions as well as some content ideas. Feel free to reach out to me (hello@andarlen.com) if you have any questions + let me know your account @!


I cannot over exaggerate the importance of audience on TikTok. Keep with your niche and audience as much as you can. It's relatively easy to go viral on TikTok and the last thing you want is for a cat video to go viral on your business account, you gain 10,000 followers and all they want is to see more cat videos and they don't care about your business. This may seem a little harsh, but let me give you an example.

Here is a video I did early on in my TikTok life. It's great content, super relatable for people who are not my target audience. I gained quite a few followers from this video seeing it has over 300,000 views, but analyzing those followers the majority of them are new business owners that are hoping I'll post more how to run a small business content (great if that was what my business was selling, but it's not). I didn't see much of an increase in orders.

Now here is a different video (a similar video to the one that went viral here ). It has 170,000 views and I'd estimate I had about $3000 in sales because of it. Why? Well because it's targeted. My unique selling point is that my products are durable, high quality, and affordable and this video targets just that and thus will attract people who are looking for products like mine not business tips.

Moral of the story is that of course you can post whatever you want, but keep your target audience in mind.


Content ideas

Product based businesses

  • packing an order
  • making a product
  • unboxing new supplies
  • studio tour
  • experimenting with new designs/packaging
  • how to use your product
  • what makes you stand out
  • styling your product
  • why you use the supplies you do (ie. why soy wax and not coconut)
  • about you
  • your business story
  • values
  • how you do good
  • ASMR
  • personalization
  • show off products


Service based businesses

  • About you
  • Process of making a deliverable (try in 2x speed)
  • Audits (quickly give a pro and con of a target customers logo, website, instagram bio) see example here and here
  • What makes you stand out
  • Services you provide and why they are necessary
  • Values
  • How you do good
  • How you work
  • Provide small snippets of knowledge
  • New trends (how to incorporate the Pantone color into...)
  • Show off client deliverable
  • Stereotypes in your industry that are wrong
  • Customer testimonial
  • Tips/hacks


People with great content